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KCS Applications

Kwong Chow School welcomes applications for all students or any nationality. Fluency in English, Thai or Chinese is not a requirement, although proficiency in English is. However, we offer special and extra classes for those who need extra assistance.

Our application procedure is outlined below.

We welcome applications throughout the academic year.

Please read this information carefully.
Parents or guardians must complete the application form and pay an application fee in order to be considered for admission to Kwong Chow School. Students must meet the admission criteria to be offered a place. Applications are considered in chronological order of receipt. 填写申请表并根据招生政策付一定的申请费,该申请费将作为入学许可的条件之一,入学申请顺序按照缴费 收据的时间顺序排序。全学年开放入学申请。
To complete the process more quickly you may download this form (Word) or PDF.

The First Step 第一步

To apply, please submit the following 请提交以下材料和证明:

A completed and signed application for admission 填写完整并已签名的申请表.
An application fee of 15,000 Baht (non-refundable) 入学申请费15,000泰铢(不可返还).
Photocopies of parent and child’s passports and visas (if applicable) 父母双方与学生的护照,签证复印件.
Photocopies of your child’s birth certificate 学生的出生证明复印件.
Passport sized photographs (not older than 6 months) 6张护照证件照大小的照片(六个月以内的近照).
An official transcript or report cards prior to current grade levels (translated into English) 该生正式的学 习成绩单或成绩报告,尤其是该生目前所在年级的成绩单(英文版).
Educational assessment or specialist reports (where applicable) 教育评估或专家报告(以备用).
Please note 备注: Applications will be accepted by email and fax, provided that hard copy documents are supplied by mail or in person. 我校接受通过电子邮件或传真形式的入学申请,申请后请及时将所需材料的纸质版交给校方. 
The Second Step 第二步
Once these documents have been submitted and the application fee has been received, the Admissions Office will review your application. More information may be requested. Kwong Chow School will schedule age-specific assessments – which may take the form of written tests in English, Science and Maths, a meeting with the head of the requisite department and a full day in class. Applicants will then be notified at the end of the day if they have met the criteria for admission. 
Please note: Early years students are assessed by completing informal and practical activities in the classroom. Primary (elementary) and secondary school students will undertake an English assessment in each of the 4 main areas of the English Language (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and in non-language based mathematics and science assessments. Although admission to our school is open to students of all nationalities, as the main language of instruction is English, full participation in our curriculum requires proficiency in the English Language. 申请人完成第一步后,校方将开始审核学生的申请材料,届时可能需父母或曾就读学校提供更详细的材料和 信息。其后,广肇学校将会联系家长和学生并安排相应的入学评估测试——包括英文、科学和数学的笔试,与学校或年级领导的谈话,一天的真实课堂体验。校方将在当天评估结束后通知家长该生是否通过学校的入 学申请。备注:幼儿园学生只需在教室内完成相应的动手能力测试和相对非正式的学术考试。中小学学生则需通过英文的四个能力测试(听力、口语、阅读、书写)以及数学和科学的考试。尽管我校面向各个国家招生,但是由于我校国际部的主要教导语言为英文,通过我校全部课程必须熟练掌握 英文。
The Third Step 第三步
When a place is offered, the entrance fee must be paid within seven (7) days of notification, otherwise priority will be given to other applicants. The first instalment of tuition fees is due in January, for May entrants. 一旦校方为学生安排学位,申请人必须在七天内缴纳入学费用。假如申请人未能在七天内缴纳入学费用,校 方可优先录取其他申请者。分期缴纳学费的学生应在第一学期开学(五月)前的一月份缴纳第一期学费。

525 Silom Road, Bangrak
Bangkok 10500

Phone: 02 635 0288 (Main)
Phone: 02 635 0165 (EP Direct)

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