• KCS Scholarships
  • Kwong Chow School is pleased to invite applications for scholarships. These are limited in number and each application will be assessed on its merits. Selection will be based on all applications after the closing date for applications.
  • The school has a scholarship fund for Pre-K to G12 (15 years) of 1 million baht and for Grades 1 to 12 of 800,000 baht.
  • Applications are invited for those two age ranges.
  • Kwong Chow School is the first school in Thailand authorised to deliver A and O levels certified by Edexcel, AQA and Cambridge in English, Chinese and Thai from the Nursery level to Grade 12. Our multi-lingual college-preparatory programme is supported by fully qualified teachers, experienced administrators, and a close-knit community of dedicated parents and students. We are located on Silom Road, Bangrak, in central Bangkok.
  • We are excited to welcome outstanding applicants for our Sponsorship Programmes (Pre-K to G12).
  • The Kwong Chow School Scholarship application is open to students:
  • • of all ages
  • • who are native or non-native speakers of English
  • • who obtain required scores on the entrance exams
  • • who have an excellent academic record as well as a strong commitment to community service and extracurricular activities.
  • • knowledge of Chinese is not required.
  • Applicants are required to:
  • 1. Submit an application form. Please click to download the KCS Scholarship Form.
  • 2. Submit academic records from the four preceding school years. The last two years must have an average grade of B+ or A- in the core subjects (equivalent to 6 on the MYP grading scale)
  • 3. Submit a self-assessment based on a short written essay
  • 4. Submit a CV/Portfolio detailing the extracurricular activities and community service activities.
  • 5. Successful candidates will be called for an interview/assessment. During the interview, the candidate should demonstrate potential for making a positive contribution to Kwong Chow School and its community.
  • The deadline for overseas applicants is 30th October or the nearest working day to, each year.
  • The deadline for applicants living in Thailand is 30th September or the nearest working day to, each year.

525 Silom Road, Bangrak
Bangkok 10500

Phone: 02 635 0288 (Main)
Phone: 02 635 0165 (EP Direct)

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